CEP Wingtech Shirt Short Sleeve Women


CEP Wingtech Shirt Short Sleeve Women is unlike anything on the market today. It all starts with the Lightweight Toray polyester/spandex blend, which is soft against the skin and wicks moisture. Then, the smart Wingtech stripes on the back are unique panels that activate muscles in the back.

This encourages the body to improve and maintain an upright posture, strengthening your back muscles with a lasting effect. With improved posture, breathing improves allowing the body to perform more efficiently. Improved posture will also help to reduce injury risks. A more balanced core leads to more efficient biomechanics.

150-200 wears before compression lessens


√ ISPO Innovation Award Winner

√ Quick Drying Fabric

√ Smart WingTech Stripes


88 % polyester, 12 % spandex

√ Enhances Breathing During Activity

√ Heat & Moisture Management

√ Optimum Recovery & Performance

√ Posture alignment & strengthened back muscles

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