CEP Compression Ultralight Low-Cut Socks Women


CEP Compression Ultralight Low-Cut Socks Women are ideal in any sports footwear due to its universal short length. These Socks are 25% thinner than our low-cut socks thanks to polypropylene fibers that shed weight without sacrificing strength. Targeted medi compression over the instep and seamless, elastic toe-box work together to closely fit to your feet without restriction. The CEP Compression Ultralight Low-Cut Socks are guaranteed to prevent blisters and improve shoe fit.

The targeted compression also helps to prevent foot swelling that can emerge after a couple hours of activity and also alleviate pain associated with overuse injuries. They fit perfectly with CEP Calf Sleeves to create a fully progressive compression profile and an amazing shoe fit.


150-200 wears before compression lessens


√ Air channels in foot section for breathability 

√ Extra-flat toe seam prevents pressure points

√ Extreme durability thanks to perfect workmanship and use of filament fibers

√ Flexible, combine perfectly with CEP progressive+ calf sleeves 2.0

√ Hydrophilic design

√ Medi Compression

√ Microfiber yarn 

√ Optional instep measurements for optimum compression

√ Wrap-around foot section and anatomically padded cushioning


89% Polyamide, 11% Elastane

√ Added protection against blisters & hotspots

√ Antibacterial, odour-reducing properties

√ Heat and moisture management 

√ Maximum comfort 

√ More foot power

√ Proprioceptive ankle & arch stabilisation

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