CEP Compression Ortho Ankle Sleeve


The ankle sleeve is for the treatment of mild ankle injuries, providing targeted medi 20-30mmHg graduated compression for improved microcirculation and reduced ankle swelling. The 3D design of the CEP Compression ortho Ankle Sleeve ensures a perfect fit around the foot so it can be worn effectively in shoes and under socks. The open toe design prevents toes from being crunched, and makes it easier to get on.


150-200 wears before compression lessens


√ Comfortable two-way stretch support

√ Easy pull-on application

√ Highly elastic and anatomically contoured

√ Lightweight, low-profile design can easily be worn with shoes

√ Medi Compression

√ Open toe design

√ Seamless knit will not retain excess body heat


66% Polyamide, 34% Spandex

√ Ankle stabilisation

√ Eliminates pinching

√ Optimised compression profile for microcirculation

√ Relieves pain and swelling with therapeutic compression

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