CEP Compression NightTech Socks Women


CEP Compression NightTech Socks Women feature its proprietary compression profile that is clinically proven to improve performance & reduce the risk of injury. By increasing circulation, muscles are fuelled with more oxygen and nutrients. It provides you with more power and control during active use and helps to prevent overuse injuries.

CEP’s high-tech compression fibers wrap around the leg over 300 times to give calf muscles maximum support and stability. The sleeve features reflective accents down both sides for 360 degree visibility.


150-200 wears before compression lessens


√ Anatomically padded cushioning 

√ Close-fitting foot section  

√ Excellent visibility  

√ Halo top-band lands comfortably below the knee, keeping the compression socks in place, mile after mile

√ Medi Compression

√ Seamless toe-closure


85% Polyamide, 15% Spandex

√ Added protection against blisters and hotspots

√ Improves airflow over the skin. Allows air to cool as it flows through to the skin, helping moderate body temperature in warmer weather and humid climate

√ More power & faster recovery

√ Prevents shin splints, delayed onset muscle soreness & common overuse injuries

√ Unparalleled fit

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