CEP Compression GripTech Short Socks Men


Highly recommended for team sports and other sports with frequent start-stop movements, CEP Compression GripTech Socks Men feature SMARTGRIP cells on the foot bed that maximise control in the shoe. A unique, high-tech blend of moisture wicking fibers forms to the foot like a second skin. This ensures a perfect shoe fit and technical benefit, while additional padding provides shock absorption.

The proven medi 20-30 mmHg compression knitting stabilises your ankle & arch, reducing the risk of sprains while providing you with more power on the field and faster recovery after the game.


150-200 wears before compression lessens

  • III
  • IV
  • V

    √ High-tech moisture wicking fibers

    √ Medi compression

    √ SMARTGRIP cells on footbed & cotton padding


    85% Polyamide, 15% Spandex

    √ Ankle and arch stabilisation

    √ Better control while constantly changing directions in sports

    √ Excellent shock absorption and additional support for quick dynamic movements

    √ Optimum performance & recovery

    √ Remarkable comfort & perfect shoe fit

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