NEWLY CURATED: DEUTER – The reliable backpack brand is here!

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Champion’s Drawer is unique in that its an outdoor & sports online store that provides access to a large array of premium products at an affordable price! In addition, we take our curations very seriously & strive to be as accurate as possible. We’re privileged to have the opportunity to work with the brand distributors closely and sell them to you directly. In short, you would always be the first to know of the latest arrivals!

While some of us have to endure the dreaded Monday blues, the team & I have been buzzing as we put the final touches to the official launch of Deuter Singapore online. Throughout the past 2 – 3 months, we have been working hard to get the products online as fast as we could. When the idea of Champion’s Drawer was first conceptualised, we were thinking hard on the brand to curate first. Among the many brands that I have tried & used before, there was this timeless gem that has been in the market for a relatively long time. I have used Deuter backpacks and Deuter school bags ever since I attended primary school and have yet to switch to another brand. Owing to my overwhelming experience with Deuter, it simply made the cut to be the first brand that we curated and be made available to you guys. We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the Deuter Singapore distributors for being so open to collaborating and availing valuable insights and resources to us!

Deuter Singapore has quite a prominent presence in the retail scene but there isn’t a concept Deuter outlet in Singapore. The question would then be, “Where to buy Deuter bags in Singapore”? Well, selected models are readily available in department stores such as Isetan, OG and Kiddy Palace. Outdoor speciality shops include Adventure 21, X-Boundaries, Queensway and Beach Road.

Fun fact: we have to admit it took us a while to pronounce Deuter correctly. Typically, we would say it as “Deu-Ter”. Actually, the correct way of pronouncing it would be “Doy-Ter” due to its German origins.

About Deuter

In 1898, Hans Deuter founded Deuter Sport. Starting in the 1900s, Deuter Sport provided the Bavarian Royal Mail with post sacks and mail bags. The company expanded in 1905 from producing linen weaving, sackcloth, freight, car and horse blankets to also include a department that offered tent rentals. In 1910, there was a high demand for products from the military. Deuter Sport began manufacturing satchels, backpacks, knapsacks, belts, mess tents and store tents for the military. Starting in 1919, Deuter sport expanded once again and began manufacturing suitcases, backpacks, tents, and truck canopies.

Today, Deuter is one of the largest and well-known sports companies in the business. It is renowned for having an excellent fit, durability and reliability. Deuter has products ranging from daypacks, hiking and trekking backpacks, cycling sleeping and traveling bags! Without further ado, let’s get started on the Deuter product series!

Ultimately, we curated Deuter for the following reasons:

1. 1. Excellent ventilation system

2.2. Moderately priced

3. 3. Long product lifespan 


The Futura series is a sporty and functional hiking backpack. It is lightweight and comes in different sizes for hikes, office use and even city trips.  It is equipped with the Deuter Aircomfort and mesh back system that provides best-carrying comfort and maximum ventilation. For the lower capacities i.e 30L & below, the Futura is available as a daypack with a zip open function. However, the larger capacities have a top loading function and is better suited for day hikes.

  • Maximum ventilation

The durable frame construction designed from flexible and break-proof spring steel provides stable tension for the Aircomfort Sensic’s mesh back. The Deuter patented 3-side ventilation decreases perspiration by 25%!

  • Activefit Shoulder Straps

The flexible shoulder straps always sit comfortably and automatically adjust to the individual ergonomics of the wearer. This means no chaffing or rubbing.

  • Variflex ECL (Ergonomic Comfort Lock) Hip Fins

The flexible moveable VariFlex ECL hip fins with their ergonomic pads custom fit the hips to allow energy efficient and comfortable carrying of medium loads.

Deuter Futura Pro 40

Deuter Futura Aircomfort Sensic Pro system


The Deuter AirContact backpacks are designed for heavy loads and are suitable for camping, trekking, and traveling. This is especially useful for demanding trekkers who want to feel comfortable and well ventilated in the mountains.

  • Designed for lightening Heavy Loads & excellent ventilation

The lightweight spring-steel frame transfers a large part of the weight to the hip fins, relieving the back and shoulders noticeably. The ergonomically shaped contact back always keeps the weight close to the body’s centre of gravity. The open open-pored functional foam creates an exchange of air with every movement, reducing perspiration by 15%.

  • Gentle and energy saving transition of load

It is due to the flexible VariFlex ECL hip fins that follow every move. With ergonomic cushions and a stable fit, weight is distributed comfortably to the strong sacrum and pelvic bone.

  • Optimal fit for different heights

The carrying system can be adapted individually to any back length with the multistage adjustment system.

Deuter Aircontact 65 + 10

Deuter Aircontact 65 + 10

Deuter Aircontact system

Speed Lite

Speed Lite are the lightest out of the whole Deuter series. Speed Lite series is exceptionally light, minimalist that comes with a compact contact back that is specially designed for multi-day tours. In addition to that, it comes with a pleasant ventilated back panel that ensures carrying comfort, safe fit and stability.

  • Ergonomically Shoulder Strap

Provides carrying comfort and perfect fit through the ergonomically S-shaped shoulder straps with easy to adjust chest strap.

  • Extensive Freedom of Movement

An optimum load centre thanks to the athletic V-cut

  • Extremely Light and Minimalistic Compact Lite Back System

Suitable for low to medium loads. It provides a close and safe fit for challenging terrain with having a padded back with ventilated 3D AirMesh.

Deuter Speed Lite 20

Deuter Speed Lite 20

Deuter Speed Lite 22 SL

Deuter Lite System

In closing, Deuter has a sizeable collection of daypacks and backpacks that cater to very specific needs. While we briefly touched on 3 product series, there are other categories that we will be touching on very shortly! Similarly, we would begin to provide in depth reviews of specific products that deserve a shout out to the community. Stay tuned weekly on our blog for the next 4 weeks to get the lowdown on the other curations (Check out the schedule below)!

From 25 April 2019 – 17 May 2019, every purchase of a Deuter backpack will come with a complimentary Deuter rain cover. Click HERE to see our collection of Deuter products on Champion’s Drawer ! While stocks last!

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Royston Foo

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