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As we approach the second half of 2019, shortly, the team and I would like to express our deepest gratitude for your generous support ! When we first started Champion’s Drawer, we had this desire to spread awareness of high performance products in the market. We hoped that consumers would not solely use price as an indicator in their purchases, but to truly understand what benefit each brand aims to deliver. In the past month, we had received constructive feedback on how we can improve your experience with us. Do be patient with us as we try to implement your recommendations as efficiently as possible.

Champion’s Drawer is unique in that its an outdoor & sports online store that provides access to a large array of premium products at an affordable price! In addition, we take our curation very seriously & strive to be as accurate as possible. We’re privileged to have the opportunity to work with the brand distributors closely and sell them to you directly. In short, you would always be the first to know of the latest arrivals!

In late April, we had the privilege to curate Deuter, one of the largest and well-known outdoor sports companies in the business. If you would like to have a read, you may click here. Moving forward, we will be curating CamelBak today ! Especially in our perpetual sultry weather, it’s never been a better time to drink up !

About CamelBak

CamelBak started in 1988, based in California, is a well-known name in the sports industry and certainly has its reputation. It is the originator and world leader in hydration packs & water bottles. Their products primarily cater to cyclists, runners & marathoners.

CamelBak also has a reputation for building engineering products that exceed all expectations of durability and quality. In addition to that, all of its water bottles are BPA-free.

CamelBak Singapore water bottles are made up of Eastman Tritan Copolyester. Tritan is BPA-free plastic; it does not manufacture with bisphenol A and other bisphenol compounds. The advantages of a bottle made with Tritan material are that it is sustainable and durable, odour, taste and stain resistance, dishwasher safe and dent and shatter resistance.

Champion’s Drawer is the authorized online re-seller for CamelBak Singapore. We take 100% responsibility in ensuring your satisfaction with CamelBak products.

Interestingly, most NSFs are familiar with the brand ! Especially during route marches, we rely on the reservoirs to keep us well hydrated ! Just a quick confession, I used to spray water from the reservoir onto the sides of the road so that my field pack became lighter haha (I’m sure NSFs know what I’m referring to & we’re all guilty of it to some extent.)

Beyond our military and reinforcement agencies around the world, people would commonly find CamelBak Singapore in bicycle shops and department stores. In departmental stores such as Isetan, its hard not to notice the BPA free water bottles glimmering under the store lights. In addition, CamelBak Singapore also caters to runners with belt-type packs. 

Ultimately, we curated CamelBak for the following reasons:

  1. Leak proof

2.  Life time warranty 

3. Excellent water flow 


When There’s Water, There’s CamelBak

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind with the word ‘water’ ? Perhaps it could be premium brands like Evian or Fiji. It could possibly be the vastness of the seas or the infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands. One thing for sure is that there is an abundance of options that pop up in our minds ! I’m unsure if people would relate to me but I rarely feel thirsty. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of water until I indulge in fast food or after a workout in the gym. Especially with the bubble tea hype so evident in Singapore, it’s even more difficult ! Anyway, let’s get back to the topic on hand.

Today, it is our privilege to formally introduce the newest range of CamelBak water bottles to everyone ! We are the first CamelBak Singapore store to represent such an extensive range, barring the kids editions. Originally, we wanted to publish this curation in mid May. However, when the CamelBak Singapore distributor invited us for a preview, we were immediately captivated ! Now, the water bottles bottles have an array of other pleasant hues while the designs were also improved. 

CamelBak Chute Mag 1500ml

Chute Mag

CamelBak Eddy+ 750ml


CamelBak Podium 710ml


CamelBak Podium Chill 710ml

Podium Chill

Peak Fitness Chill

The CamelBak water bottle series features 5 different kinds, in which all are BPA free. Each type could be used as a lifestyle water bottle while others would be better suited for active individuals.

The CamelBak Chute Mag is available in 600ml, 750ml, 1000ml & 1500ml. The highlight of the product lies in its magnetic cap, which stows away safely out of the when opened. While closed, the bottle is 100% leak proof. This results in lesser hassle for us when we drink ! Having to be conscious of the bottle cap hitting our faces definitely impedes our experience. Furthermore, with traditional water bottles, there is always a concern of the plastic loops breaking when bent for a prolonged time. 

The CamelBak Eddy+ is an upgrade of its predecessor, the Eddy. With an improved bite valve design, there is a 25% increase in water flow ! Simply flip, bite & sip ! The difference between the Chute Mag and the Eddy+ lies in your personal preference. If you prefer to sip on your drinks, the CamelBak Eddy+ is your ideal partner ! Should you prefer an unobstructed flow of water, the CamelBak Chute Mag is your best pick ! The Eddy+ and Chute Mag are fully compatible so feel free to switch the caps around to your liking !  The CamelBak Eddy+ is available in 600ml, 750ml & 1000ml.

The CamelBak Podium has 2 variations – Podium & Podium Chill. The only difference is that the the Podium Chill keeps water cold twice as long as regular sports bottles due to its double-walled construction. The 2019 design has an improved clean-ability and optimised cage fit for cyclists. When not in use, the cap has self sealing properties to prevent spillage. With a light squeeze, the user is able to have sufficient fluids to hydrate. The best part is that the user will only taste water and not the bottle due to CamelBak’s patented TruTaste Polypropylene with Hydroguard. The CamelBak Podium is available in 590ml and 710ml while the CamelBak Podium Chill is availble in 620ml and 740ml.

The CamelBak Peak Fitness Chill is the latest addition to the family of water bottles proudly produced by CamelBak. Similar to the Podium Chill, it features a double-walled construction. But, the Peak Fitness Chill is more suitable for athletes and gym goers. Comfortable to carry in one hand, it comes with a carry loop for an easy grab and go ! Again, with CamelBak’s patented TruTaste Polypropylene with Hydroguard, you will only taste your water & nothing else !

As shared earlier, CamelBak is the originator and world leader in hydration packs & water bottles. It has further expanded its collection to include running vests and pouches.

CamelBak Podium Flow Belt

Podium Flow Belt

Flash Running Belt

CamelBak Circuit Vest 50oz

Circuit Vest

Ultra Pro Vest

The CamelBak Podium Flow Belt is versatile enough to be used for cycling and / or running. It allows for up to 2L of cargo and comes with a complimentary 21oz Podium Chill Dirt Series water bottle.

The CamelBak Flash running Belt is perfect for short running distances. It features a secure phone pocket, reflective accents and a complimentary CamelBak Peak Fitness Chill  17oz.  

The CamelBak Vest is light & comfortable. It comes with a 1.5L crux reservoir that allows 20% more water per sip and is lighter in weight. The Circuit Vest is equipped with dual sternum strap adjustment system that also has integrated reflectivity & a new 3D micro mesh that allows more comfort and better ventilation.

The CamelBak Ultra Pro Vest is an ideal running vest that is suitable for long-distance training and elite-level racing. It is available in different sizes and equipped with two quick stow flasks. It is ultralight and ultra-comfort that guarantees sufficient airflow during runs. It also has plenty of storage pockets for easy access.

CamelBak HydroBak 50oz


CamelBak Rogue 85oz Cycling Hydration Pack


CamelBak Classic 85oz


CamelBak Lobo 100oz


The CamelBak Hydrobak 1.5L hydration pack is a minimalist bike pack that can provide users with water supply for up to a 2 hours ride. It comes with a breathable air mesh back panel for a lightweight, comfortable fit and secured zippered pockets for essentials.

The Rogue hydration pack comes with a 2.5L crux reservoir that delivers 20% more water per sip. It is easy to refill and also has an on/off lever that prevents it from leaking. In addition to that, it has a breathable air mesh back panel for lightweight and comfort fit.

The CamelBak  Classic 2.5L hydration pack allows you to have enough water for a 2 hours ride & it offers 20% more water per sip for quicker hydration in the saddle. The Classic bike pack comes with a breathable air mesh panel for a lightweight, comfortable fit and also a secure zippered pocket for essentials.

The CamelBak Lobo is ideal for those looking to travel light and fast ! Equipped with a 3L reservoir, there is sufficient water for a 3 hour ride and the external fill means that there would be no need to unpack anything. With a patented MagneticTubeTrap, it keeps the tube secured and accesible when you need it. Also, with a air director back panel, it offers air channels to keep your back cool.

In summary, CamelBak specialises in 3 different areas – Run, cycle and lifestyle ! It’s impressive to note that in spite of the technical features, CamelBak is able to keep its products trendy and appealing. Every year, CamelBak launches new products while dedicating effort to improve on its existing collections. 

Our CamelBak Singapore ambassador, Veronique Bourbeau, recently shared 8 valuable insights on how to improve your running time. Click HERE to find out more & there will be a special discount code waiting for you ! 

To have a look at the available CamelBak products available on site, please click HERE.

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