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Deuter in Singapore is more than a backpack brand. It has adapted to lifestyle trends while retaining its signature back systems. Today, it has a all rounded range including ergonomic school bags, daypacks , laptop bags and so much more! Check out how people use Deuter products in their daily lives.

In 1898, Hans Deuter founded Deuter Sport. Starting in the 1900s, Deuter Sport provided the Bavarian Royal Mail with post sacks and mail bags. The company expanded in 1905 from producing linen weaving, sackcloth, freight, car and horse blankets to also include a department that offered tent rentals. In 1910, there was a high demand for products from the military. Deuter Sport began manufacturing satchels, backpacks, knapsacks, belts, mess tents and store tents for the military. Starting in 1919, Deuter sport expanded once again and began manufacturing suitcases, backpacks, tents, and truck canopies.



Deuter Backpacks in Singapore for Sale

Founded in 1898, Deuter Sport is an internationally-renowned and well-liked outdoor equipment brand from Germany. In Singapore, it is a highly sought-after name among outdoor lovers and adventurers. Deuter backpacks are stylish, classy but also durable and made for the outdoors in Singapore and abroad.

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Designed to reduce weight whilst helping you store all your valuable items while you trek up a steep mountain, Deuter bags are the real deal for customers in Singapore and abroad. Furthermore, they were crafted specifically to reduce stress and strain on the lower and upper back. They function as trustworthy companions for all thrill-seeking adventurers.

Reliable Deuter Retailers in Singapore

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