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About us

About us

An ever expanding curation of your favourites!

We specialise in an extensive range of products from different brands all around the world. From travel accessories to backpacks, we've got the grounds well covered !

If there's anything I'd hope to do for you, it would be to empower you to live your life to the fullest.

Royston - Founder

our Vision

To curate & provide superior products in the sports & outdoor  camping gear industry where all individuals can use to optimise their performances.

Our Mission

To personalise every shopping experience for our customers and enrich their adventures beyond their expectations. If it does not exhilarate you, it shouldn’t belong here.

A letter from Royston

My story

Ever since I was a young boy, my parents exposed me to the outdoors & a variety of sports. They were highly supportive, a trait which I’ve always been grateful for. As I grew older, I’ve learnt to appreciate 2 key blessings – Encouragement & resources.

Playing sports competitively has its roller coaster moments. I remember missing a crucial penalty in a hockey tournament & it haunted me deeply. Conversely, there were moments when my team was the underdog but we we emerged 2nd in a floorball competition. Throughout it all, my parents were the ever firm pillars I could rely on.

They nudged me to try when I lacked the courage & the providence of equipment pushed me to perform to the best of my ability. Through these personal experiences, I’m a firm believer in positive empowerment & these became the foundation blocks in founding the Champion’s Drawer in 2019.

Personally, a champions is more than winning trophies, medals or titles. While our aptitudes serve as additional leverage for us to excel, its the attitude that counts when it truly matters. A champion is someone who relentless pursuits excellence, achieving breakthrough after breakthrough. In the process of refinement, may we struggle but never lose sight of the end goal. My greatest satisfaction in starting the Champion’s Drawer is to journey alongside you & celebrate every milestone & victory that you may achieve. 

Thank you for your support & generosity !

About me (1)
About Royston Foo
About me (1)
About me (1)

our passion

What drives us

We are continually driven to inspire all athletes & outdoor enthusiasts to achieve fulfillment. Every individual is unique & the products should be as specific as possible.

The way to having a life of fulfillment is to learn  what works according to your budget. We’re here to help you discover what works so feel free to engage us anytime !

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